Monday, July 19, 2010

Wholeness ft Japhia Life


We got it in on the topic of Wholeness
Is it possible for us to be made whole?
What is the process?
Shouts out to The Resistance Youth Group for the topic
We will also have your boy Japhia Life from Philly on the show and we are going to speak on his newest album entitled Nazareth
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Sunday's @ 530pm PST
Bizzle feat Mouthpiece-Prayed Up
God Frame feat Dejaun-Jesus Christ
Japhia Life-Lifey Got a Gun
Richie Righteous-Who You Represent
Japhia Life-I'm In The Streets
Dmaub-Ima Creature
Japhia Life-Does Anybody Know
Benjah feat Manwell-New Creation
Pro-Fight Music
Qheem-Jehovah Dose

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