Tuesday, June 28, 2011

*MP3 Miracles ft CJ Emulous

*MP3 Version*
We had a chance to kick it with CJ Emulous aka the flesh's personal Kamakaze and he shared his testimony where he literally had to kill his flesh man as we all have to do. He was once affiliated with Bay Area artist Mac Dre and more. Find out what places God spoke to him to change the direction his life was headed. You know we had to have him talk on the topic of the day which was Miracles. Many church goers believe that Miracles only happened while Jesus was here. Is That True? Hear what we had to say about that. He also Talked about his new album just released called Suicide Mission as well as him being approached by someone to possible be signed. For more information on CJ Emulous visit his site http://www.his-image.com/cjemulous/ Playlist RTL ft Chay Sutton-I Know His Work-Live It Up CJ Emulous-Kamakaze Sauce Remix-Addicted Cj Emulous-Superman Brothatone-Reflection CJ Emulous-Rainy Days Servant ft Chay Sutton & Willie Will-The Bar is Set Konviction-Blood Bought Gideonz Army-Born to Shout Advertisement by www.C-RobMusic.com www.FedelMusic.com www.GeedaBaby.com www.MartayMusic.com www.MarkArthurOnline.com www.NewCreationWa.org www.VellVettMusic.com www.ZerubMinistries.com Yadah Da King Radio www.YadahDaKing.com Banging Music and Uplifting Christ & Abundant Life You can hear our show at www.YadahDaKing.Blogspot.com or search Itunes & Zune for Yadah Da King Radio Also get Yadah Da King Radio's App only $1.99 for the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad as well as an Android App www.Facebook.com/YadahDaKing www.Twitter.com/YadahDaKing feel free to call us leave your feedback, prayers etc 425-243-4285

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