Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family ft Mista & Mrs Taylor

*Enhanced Version*
We had the chance to host a stop for Tha Family Business Tour In Seattle WA. So we got a interview with Mista & Mrs Taylor. After the 4 month tour Seattle was their last stop. Check out their testimonies of how each of them came to Christ. Also they recently released their newest project Liberation Theology to help those who are still in bondage. The Topic of the Day was Family based off of their Tour and Business Name. Hear how we can do ministry and still include our families. For more information on Mista & Mrs Taylor visit
Applejaxx ft Je'kob Washington & Gibraan-Beaming
Brothatone ft Chad Jones-Winning
Mista & Mrs. Taylor-Freedom
Da Messenger ft Adalid & C Micah-We Ain't Focused Remix
Mista & Mrs. Taylor-I Forgive You
C Micah-Fast N Pray
Mista & Mrs. Taylor-I Rather Be
Dillon Chase -Love Hate
Fedel ft Cam-Club David
Japhia Life-Does Anybody Know
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