Monday, April 9, 2012

Intimacy ft SLS Radio

*Enhanced Version*
As many of you have heard me say I am very serious about having a Kingdom Mindset and not a clickish mindset. A way we can display that we are serious about this is helping brothers and sisters out instead of telling them to find out on their own. I had an opportunity to help SLS Radio who came to me for some advice on how to do a show similar to Yadah Da King Radio, and they are in my city. Now some may say help them out nah Im good it can hurt me but that is a selfish attitude. I wanted to get them an interview on with me here at Yadah Da King to further what SLS is doing. SLS Radio is headed by Wes & Emman and since building we have had played basketball, Paintball and just built relationships to further the kingdom. Check out how they came to know God and how what kept them in God. Find out there opinion on the power of secular music . Also we talked on a topic that is near and dear to God and that was Intimacy. Can we be intimate with God??? And how do we become Intimate with God??? For more information on SLS Radio visit their site at
Applejaxx-Blueberry Slangin'
Swoope-Boys R Us
Servant ft Fulfilla-Like Totally Cool
CJ Emulous-All I Know
Flame ft This'L & Young Noah-Trap Money
S.O.C.O.M. Ft Mic-O-I Just Wanna Praise You
Rel Paul ft Canton Jones-Finally
Tha GIM-What Up
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