Friday, June 8, 2012

*MP3 Training Up ft Rhema Soul

We got it in with one of the most diverse groups in Gospel Urban Music, who go by the name Rhema Soul. Find out the different walks that they each came from and how God brought them together to minister to the world. Group members Butta P, juanlove & K-Nuff described some of the difficulties of working together as a group as well as some of the things that equate to them being a diverse group. We also talked about Training Up and it's importance. Who should we train up??? Is this training up only for parents??? For more information on Rhema Soul visit their website


Ransom Paid-Upgrade

Tha King & i-Renegade

Rhema Soul-No Walking Away

Commissary ft Jon Parker-Worth Beyond the Stars

Rhema Soul-Need An Answer

Alcam-No Designer Frames

Rhema Soul-Boom Box 

Mike Real-Elevator Musik

Milliyon-A Milliyon

Reconcile-Never Would Have Made It




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