Wednesday, September 26, 2012

*MP3 Revolution ft Lil Prophet

Fresh off his brand new release entitled Revolution we had him share what the Revolution was all about for the topic of the day. We also asked him who is this Revolution for. Since Lil Prophet has been on the Yadah da King Radio show before we caught up with him and found out some of the things God has been showing him. He gives tips for artists and labels as well as let's us know how he has grown up. Speaking of growing up we asked the Homie Lil Prophet is the "Lil" every gonna be removed. All this in more in this episode of Yadah Da King Radio. For more information on Lil Prophet visit his website


Chris Cobbins ft Canon-Shooter

Mouthpi3ce-Foolish Things He Chooses

Lil Prophet ft Pettidee-Heart of Courage

Thi'sL-Black Rose

Lil Prophet ft KamBINO & Yaves-Brainwashed

7vn seal aka God's Dagger-Story That Lives

Lil Prophet ft KAS-Revolution

Lunie 3:80-Tell Em

Sean C Johnson-Molasses

Smiley-D-Change Things Up

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