Thursday, November 29, 2012

*MP3 Evangelism ft Andre Balboa

DJ Kingdom 7 & Don Christion got a chance to hook up with Christ Hu Nterz Production's own Andre Balboa. As his alias explains Balboa is no stranger to the fight and He shares his testimony, latest EP as well as his Super Bowl Prediction. Find out did we agree with his views or not and why he is aiming for 2nd Place. Hear why he feels Christian Hip Hop Artists are the underdogs. The Topic of the Day was about Evangelism. How do we affectively Evanglize??? Who should Evangelism??? We explaing why we get Freshly saved and we can save the world but after a while do we dwindle. For more info on Andre Balboa visit him at

Chad Jones-Touche
GS ft Mouthpi3ce-Work To Do
Andre Balboa ft A-Flo-More Love
Rio Aka KuntryBoyy-ErrDayAllDay
Andre Balboa ft Conquest-Trouble
Chay Sutton-Keep Trying
Andre Balboa-2nd Place
Blaze-Do Something
C Micah ft J Carter-Father
Da Messenger ft K-Drama & 737-Not Impressed
Chris Cobbins ft Canon-Shooter
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