Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alone Time With God ft Jazz Digga Enhanced

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This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by Jazz Digga coming from Everett Wa. We had him share his testimony of a quick scare and near death experience that allowed him to get a stronger connection with the Lord. Jazz was born to a musically gifted household and he was involved in singing since the age of 3 and there Jackson 5 vibe growing up. Hear how jazz music helped him growing up as a youngster. We got on #TheTopicOfDay with Jazz Digga Alone Time With God!! What does alone time with God look like? What are the benefits of having this time with God??? Also connect with Jazz Digga on Also we have The #MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves with a R&P mix and we chopped it up with @ChaySutton on the #YDKSports Segment. Get ready for 2 hours packed with Party Purpose & Praise.

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GS ft Bizzle -Like That Tho

Tragic Hero -L.O.N.E. Wolf

VellVett - Cross Eye

Jazz Digga ft Willie Will - My Errything

Mike Real - The Immortals

Fedel - Me Against The World

Jazz Digga - Come Back To Love

B. Free - Push

Jazz Digga - Worship U

FMG - Winning

#MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves

QT - Get it right ft. Brad Manogin

Erica Diamond - Time machine

Chris Jackson - Rearview mirror

21:03 - Brand new day ft. Jmoss

V. Rose - Forget about the world

God Frame - Party

Giel - 130:5 My Hope

KB - Silver & Gold

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