Thursday, February 12, 2015

*MP3 Are You Prepared ft GS

*MP3 Are You Prepared ft GS
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This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show Mission and Don Christi'on interview Houston native GS. He shares his rough upbringing being a child of an evangelist but left without a father and low income which lead him to hustling. He spoke about being in the wealthiest city in San Jose a high end hotel but having uncontrollable fits that made him call for help. Tune in to Find out what happens. GS shared how he grew up in the neighborhood with King G who stayed with him and taught him how to write bars. He also speaks about how Bible College helps directs his music. #TopicOfTheDay Are You Prepared??? Are you prepared for the turns and curves of life??? Tips on being prepared in our Spiritual lives!!! Make sure you connect with GS @ThisIsGS and Catch that new #MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves on this week's episode!


J Howard ft Devin Raquel - I've Been There

Aaron Cole - 15

Jazz Digga - Worship U

K.T. H a l l e L ft Kadence - FIREWALL

Chris Theodat - Revolutionary

GS ft Sean Johnson - Hallelujah

Rock Boy Fresh - I Ain't Going Back There

GS ft Bizzle - Like That Tho

B Cooper ft Foure - 1994

GS -Yap Yap

C~Rob -Lovely Day

#MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves
St. Matthew - Love ft. Rawsrvnt
B-Luv - Love of my Life Ft. Canton Jones
Flo - Love Unconditional
KJ52 - This is Love
Vaughn J & JW - Thank God

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