Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Invested ft Murk Enhanced

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This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by Murk from Dedicated Music Group of Memphis. Murk shared her story of being raised in the word and constantly in the church but due to church hurt she moved and eventually drifted away, being caught up in the club life and all that came with it. Find out how God snatched her out of that lifestyle! Murk lets us know how she got started in music at age 16 writing her first rap on a school bus, the contest she won and how she met Mr. Del. The topic of the Day is about Invested!! What are you invested in??? What is the return on our investment???? Connect with Murk on twitter @MurkP31 We also have another #MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves We talk the NBA Playoffs and Tebow back in the NFL as well as some new music we know you will love!


K-Drama - What You Know About This Remix

Roy Tosh ft Deraj & Paulo Clayton - Dream On

Eva Sabiniano - Number One

Murk -True Story

Qheem- Water Bottle

Transparent ft K.Agee -Wurkin'

Murk - Royalty

Double ft. Aimee - Great Day To Die

Eshon Burgundy ft Uncle Reece - Higher Learning

Murk - So Beautiful

Shanell - Amazing God ft Alfred Singleton III

#MercuryMIx w/ @MercuryWaves Kay Sade - The Sky
MIDIxKAMA - The System
Lawren - Rodney Dangerfield
J. Crum - Mercy
God's Vision - All on me Ft. Brother 3

Alicia Ann - Into Yours

Cheneta Jones ft Zacardi Cortez - It's You (A Love Song)

Rock Boy Fresh - I Ain't Going Back There

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