Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Allegiance ft Dru Bex Enhanced

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This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we are joined by Toronto Canada native Dru Bex of Role Model Records. In this episode Dru Bex shares his testimony how his mother who was a believer passed at age 7 and him being with his unsaved father. Also how his grandma help save him from a situation that was a near death experience. He also shares how at a Church Christmas and he was challenged to write a song as well as how he got involved in the Toronto hip hop scene. The #TopicOfTheDay was about Allegiance. Who do you pledge your allegience to and why??? How do you show your allegiance??? Connect with Dru Bex on twitter @DruBex. We also have a fresh new #MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves as well as the #YDKSports where we talk about the Patriots penatly and the latest in the NBA Playoffs. We also have some brand new music we spin on this episode.


Erica Mason - Beautiful

Mic- O ft Jor'dan Armstrong -RAU

Prawphit On Point ft Shariffa Nyan - Brokenness

Dru Bex -Goin' Up

C.H.R.I.S. - Queens Veteran

Mykael V ft FLO & WxNDER y - Miles Out

Dru Bex ft Shope - Navigator

Rell -Reflection

Kayla Starks - TBH

Dru Bex ft Q-Pon - Perfect

D.T.S. ft Point Ash - I Do This

#Mercury Mix by @MercuryWaves

($New Money$ - Do you wanna know ft. LS3 & Kuntry Keith
SoVocab - 2015
Cutright & Ike Hill - Unity
Ken Owens - Myself vs. Myself
Elijah Jaron - Hold up)

Anthony Mareo - Feen'n For You

Charlene Nash ft 5ive - Give It Back

Dee-1 ft Mansa - The Pledge

Spec ft Alex Faith, 5ive & J Carter - Put Em On

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