Thursday, July 16, 2015

From Another World ft Deacon DAS Enhanced

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This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show Don Christi'on & Mission were joined by Deacon DAS and as he comes to share his brand new album OtherWorldly. In Deacon Das' testimony he shares the death of his close friend made him examine himself and make sure he was were he wanted to be. He also shares the benefits of being saved in his 20s. Find out he begin his music career after collaborating with Theory Hazit, K-Drama & Lesun. The Topic of the Day From Another World! How do we live in the world and not be of this world??? How do we stand for our beliefs???? Connect with Deacon Das on Twitter @DeaconDAS We also have the 30th #MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves who always brings that new heat. We also talk about some of the NBA Free Agency and eager expectation of the NFL Season. Tune into this episode now!!!


K Anthony -God Is Good

Sheena Lee - I Win

Barnabas & Amy T - Free Saeed

Deacon Das ft Steven Seay - Give It Over

Tone Spain - All Powerful (feat. Read B. Verses)

Deacon DAS - Who Will Go

Butta P - No Love

IDJ - GS, Norman Michael & Speez - Walking Dead

Deacon DAS - Worlds Apart

LOX - Too Late

#MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves AppleJaxx - Goonies Ft. Bobby Bishop, Dexter Soul, Disciple (D.I), Caleb McCoy & Mirko 
Corey Cifax - Stream of Consciousness (S.O.C) 
Phil J. - Yeah Buddy 
Lawren - Phantom Ft. Wxnder y & nobigdyl 
Jai Rian - Abandoned

Jalisa Faye - Lone Ranger

Karmyn - Back 2 Love

K-Drama - What You Know ABout This REMIX

Mic-O ft Jor'dan Armstrong - RAU (Running After You)

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