Saturday, September 5, 2015

*MP3 Holy Spirit ft Quote of Quote Christ Radio

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This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by Quote of Quote Christ Radio Show. He shares about him being transformed from the womb, and God moved him to build his own relationship with Christ. Quote got touched by Gospel Rap and it played a huge part into who he is. He also shared how much this gift actually means to him so find out why he does the radio show! The Topic of the Day was about The Holy Spirit! Who is the Holy Spirit and do we really need Him??? On this episode we honor many artists who paved the way for Urban Gospel music as we celebrate some classic artists even in the #MercuryMix by @MercuryWaves. So tune in to this week's episode of The Yadah Da King Radio Show


Norman Michael GS & Speez - Jesus in My City 2
Giel - Forever
Alena Larie - Be Not Ashamed
J.Johnson ft T King - You Can Make It
Rhema Soul My Beat Go ft G-Styles
KamBINO - Hodgepodge
A1 Swift - Formula
T-Bone - Can I Live
Antonious - Kill Your Self
Out Of Eden - Love Peace & Happiness
Canton Jones - Stay Saved
FTF - Live By, Die By
Kj52 - 1,2,3
Gibraan - Mockingbyrd Slang
Prime Minister - All Ryders
DJ Maj & Antonio Neal - Under Pressure
Shei Atkins - Song 4 U
Cross Movement - Now Who's The Man? Featuring Iz-Real1
Corey Red - Crashing Da Party

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