Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Gone Wild ft Chris Lee Cobbins

*Enhanced Version*
We had the opportunity to have a listening party with Chris Lee Cobbins
He told us about how growing up he was a straight nerd (In his own words) bottle cap glasses and all
And when he got in trouble he was sent to his room and wrote short stories at 6 years old
He grew up and had an awesome testimony of being a virgin until marriage and why all the sudden his music has blown up
Also he was praying for The Kansas City Chiefs to make the playoffs and that's were they are right now
Watchman-Get Like Me
Spoken ft O'Sound-I'm Gone
Chris Lee Cobbins ft PRo-All About U
Rick D ft K-Drama, KamBINO, Erica Cumbo-It's A Trap
Chris Lee Cobbins-Play With My Heart
D-Maub ft Canton Jones-I'm FLY
Chris lee Cobbins-Flatline
Flame ft Lecrae-Joyful Noise
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