Tuesday, January 25, 2011

*MP3* Music ft Armageddon

Dj Kingdom 7 & Don Christi'on got it in with some more of his fam from Virginia. We got the oppurtunity to chop it up with Armageddon's own 8th Wonda, Catash & RAMBO. As they were sharing their testimonies, we were able to speak about the various trials and tribulations that they have went through. Which was alot for the 3 member group. They shared their passion for music and the reason why they have chosen to follow Christ and spread his message throughout their music. The topic we hit on was Music and episode topic fueled by Mrs. Don Christi'on, she asked is it ok for Christians to listen to music with views totally contrary to Christian's views. Everyone was able to share their take and for their comments check out the bangin' interview.

Want to learn more about Armageddon visit their website at www.TheWarIsOn.com
Richie Righteous-Big Big God
Richie Righteous ft R.I.C.H. Boys-I Wish You Would
Armageddon-Give it 2'em Now
Chay Sutton & Don Christi'on-Supercharged
Armageddon-Just Bounce
Brinson ft Mouthpi3ce & Knine-Don't Rap No More REMIX
Armageddon-Love Is Love
Bless'Ed- I Believe
D Montrell-Real Love
Flame-See More Him
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