Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do Right When Wronged ft Sharp Skills

*Enhanced Version*
Your sister Mz. Cole and Don Christi'on had to get it in with the R.E.B.E.L. himself Sharp Skills. We spoke on his testimony about he almost died several times from alcohol and some bad weed. As well as what finally got him to get right in his life. Also he spoke about how he did run from being a preacher. We also chopped it up about the topic Do Right When Wronged and what are the hardest things about doing this in our lives. We also shared our views on Doing Right When Wronged check out the interview and feel free to leave your comments or questions.
For more information on Sharp Skills visit his website www.RebelFirm.com
Big Al Ft Canton Jones-Rest of My Days
Bizzle-Prayed Up
Sharp SKills-R's Up
Blaze-Do Something
Sharp Skills-Salute
Chris Searcy-Superhero
Sharp Skills-The Mountain Movement
CJ Emulous-Kamakaze
Japhia Life-Does Anybody Know
Sicily-Worthy Is The Lamb
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