Friday, February 4, 2011

*MP3* Living Without Christ ft Martay

We sat down with our sister Martay original from Los Angeles(Laker's Fan lol) but now living in the dormitory in Boston University pursuing a degree in Business. We chopped it up with our sister about how she got involved with Christ. She stated that she was cool for church prior to Christ. Also she shared how she had so much in life and God had to take some things from her and her family so that they would focus on the most reliable in life aka JESUS CHRIST. We also talked about the Topic of the Day Living WithOut Christ. What would our lives be like??? & What are some of the negative consequences of living without a Saviour??? We also played some brand new music that you want to check out!!!
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Trini-My Hallelujah
Bink ft Teleah Hollingsworth-Champion Remix
Justin Tate aka Eighty8-Time For Change
Martay ft ArmorBearer-Pray
J. Johnson-GO
Martay-Hello Beauty
Everyday Process-Make You Smile
Hollywood Holly-Take Me Home
Iz-real-Let's Get Wasted
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