Saturday, May 14, 2011

*MP3 Focused ft Cam The Product

*MP3 Version*
Don Christi'on from Yadah Da King Radio had an oppurtunity to site down with a young artist from Cali by the name of Cam The Product. He shared his testimony of being involved in Drugs both using and selling and How God grabbed him out of that lifestyle. After numerous jobs he failed, Cam shared what brought him to a place where he even wanted to work for God. Great Testimony and you can see why it's Important for us to be willing to reach others through our lifestyle. We also chopped it up about being Focused and some of the things which gets our minds of of being focused
For more information on Cam The Product visit his site
Dawkins & Dawkins-Get Down
Cam The Product-The Product
Cam The Product-The Rock
Sauce Remix-Addicted
Cam The Product-Common Man
Da Messenger ft Adalid & C Micah-We Ain't Focused
Mr. Coldstone ft Jek'ob Washington-Till The Wheels Fall
Uprise Click-Let It Burn

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