Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Resurrection or Easter ft Konviction

*Enhanced Version*
We had the opportunity to sit down with Konviction on Easter Sunday and hear his testimony and the reason he hoped into this music. He is a brother who is Blood Bought. You know we couldn't have a guess on and have them not share testimony, So see how he came to the knowledge of Christ. Konviction also spoke with us about our topic of the day, which was Resurrection or Easter. We also talked about the congretions increased attendance on Easter Sunday. For more information with Konviction visit
Big Unc-Get Down
Konviction-Blood Bought
Scope-Let It Go
Konviction-The King
God Hears-His Super My Natural
Konviction ft Nikki-Runn'n
Richie Righteous-Big Big God
Chances R-Rescued By Death
C-Straight-So Not Cool
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