Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Remedy ft Geeda

*Enhanced Version*
Don Christi'on Got it in with Producer & MC, from the Windy City of Chicago, by the name of Geeda. Sharing His testimony he told God he would give his life to him at a certain time in his life, see if he actually kept that promise. He also shared 3 reasons why people should support HHH over Secular Hip Hop. We also Got it in about the Topic of The Day The Remedy fueled by the Genuine Life Women. What is the Remedy that we are all looking for. Allow the topic to speak to your heart and spirit. For more information for Geeda Visit his website www.GeedaBaby.com 
 Clister-No No NO 
 D-Maub ft Mal-ski- Ya'll funny 
 Geeda-Burning Up 
 Geeda ft KamBINO & K-drama-Murda It 
 Dre Sr-Go In 
 Geeda-You Are 
 Everyday Process-On Fire 
 Gideonz Army-Born To Shout 
 Japhia Life- Does Anybody Know 
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