Monday, November 1, 2010

*MP3* Fan Admiration or God's Affirmation ft Playmakers

*MP3 Edition*
We decided to go into our own neighborhood and interview the production crew that brought us Clayton & Earl as well as the Playmakers. C.G.P Entertainment is a worldwide production company who’s mission is to bring wholesome family entertainment free of explicit language content for a world of lost souls. Visit
Hollywood Holly-Grace
Life Line Productions Playing The Street
Dre Sr. Maturation Ad
Milliyon ft Canton Jones & Erica Cumbo
D Montrell-Real Love
Mission ft Oxygen-Make It
Advocate ft Sharp Skills & Servant-Ridiculous Ad
RTL ft Jesus Instead of Gangs-Trunk Bump
Blaze-Do Something
FROG & TOAD ft K-drama & PACMAN-The Commission
VellVett ft Ak-Lil Bruh Shirt On
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