Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ordained or Allowed ft Thi'sL

Enhanced Version
We chopped it up with the big homie for St Louis Thi'sL
He told us how he was a straight A student until one of his friends in grade school came with $3,000 which had him faced with some life changing plans
Also how he even starting being the X-hustler himself and His local role in his church
We also spoke on the topic which was Ordained or Allowed. The convo was sparked by my Sister Earline in Moses Lake who is originally from the Arc city herself. She asked what's the difference between God's Will or what he allows us to do.
Erica Danea-I rep It
Chris Lee ft PRo-All About U
Dre Sr The Maturation Ad
Thi'sL-Windows Down
Dre Sr ft Pastor AD3-Inauguration
Thi'sL ft BrothaTone-On My Grind
Da Truth ft Izzy-I need You
Fedel-Tell A Friend
Json ft Pastor AD3 & Thi'sL-Goon
Future ft Kdrama, Fitgerald & Young Josh
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