Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sinless Christians ft Dre Sr

This is an interview that you most definitely DO NOT want to miss
Don Christi'on sat down and spoke with Dre Sr. and he spilled his testimony
We also talked on his brand new album released November 9, 2010
We also took out some time and spoke on is it possible to be a Christian who is sinless?
The topic came from our facebook page
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Sicily-Worthy is the Lamb
Mr. Se7n-New Day
Dre Sr. Maturation Ad Ad
Dre Sr. ft Pastor AD3-Inauguration
Chris Searcy-Superhero
Dre Sr. ft R-Swift-Stand Up
Bless'ed-I Believe Ad Ad
Dre Sr.-Go In
Benjah ft Manwell-New Creation
Eons D-Blast Off
Everyday Process-No Problem
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