Thursday, May 17, 2012

Calling ft Creature Clan

We had the opporunity to sit down with 2 MCs who have solidified lanes for themselves who recently decided to join forces. Both Eric Cross & D-Maub decided to form a dynamic duo and named it the Creature Clan. But how easy was this to do since they live in seperate states, have seperate styles and more. Find out the powerful Testimony that Eric Cross had and we will find out what's been going on in the life of D-Maub since the last time he was with us. We talked on the Topic of Calling. Prior to the interview there was a youtube clip where D-Maub was talking about the difference between Callings and Gifts so that fueled this convo. Also We answered what is a calling??? What is a gift??? Is there any difference??? For more information on the Creature Clan visit


ZG ft D-Flow-Nothing To Say

Stephen The Levite-Give It Up

Creature Clan ft Calandra Williams-The Light

Apaulsoul-Let The Praise Begin

Creature Clan ft Ciara Harper-Images

DJ Anamolly ft Rawsrvnt, T Haddy, & Gideonz Army-The End

Creature Clan ft Pettidee-Let It Burn

Corey Paul-Go Young King

Reconcile-Never Would Have Made It

Yadada-Love That Never Fails




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