Monday, May 14, 2012

*MP3 Self Discipline ft MikeREAL

MikeREAL shares his brand new album and life with us. He shared how he was a Christian rapper at a young age but not necessarily a Christian when he started. He just did Christian music to help keep his parents happy. Hear some of the things that turned him to become a worshipper. Also now that he has been using his gift for years hear why he does what he does. The Topic of the Day was about Self Discipline!!! Why is this necessary in a healthy walk with Christ??? Is Self Discipline Painful at times??? For more information on MikeREAL visit



Forever-Put Me In

MikeREAL-Light Show

Gideonz Army ft T Haddy-Jesus Piece

MikeREAL-Elevator Muzik

Rio-I Know

MikeREAL ft JR-Unexplainable

Big Fil ft Eshon Burgandy & RSwift-I'm Gone

Prawphit ft Jess-Be Strong

Sherrod White-Light It Up




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