Saturday, May 5, 2012

Transition ft Apaulsoul

We were joined by Apaulsoul fresh off some big kingdom news that has happened. Find out who he joined forces with to start a new label that will be able to spread across different regions of the United States. We also get to hear his testimony as he shared about how he grew up in Chicago and a member of the gangstar disciple, even though his dad was a Pastor. Find out how he got out of that lifestyle. In attempts to smash differences in donominations they teamed up to start a label, but at the same time Apaulsoul had a record deal on the table from Interscope. We also got it up on a topic that Apaulsoul was going though which was Transition. Why is this part of our Life??? What does transition do to our life??? Find out more information about

Reconcile-Never Would Have Made It
Sharp Skills-Business Is Good
DJ Anomally ft Rawsrvnt T-Haddy & Gideonz Army-The End
Apaulsoul ft K-Drama-Amen
Apaulsoul-Let The Praise Begin Now
KB ft Suzy Rock-Hello
PRo ft PK-Beautiful
ZG ft D-Flow-Nothing To Say
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