Monday, March 21, 2011

Linked Up ft JayMay

*Enhanced Version*
Yadah Da King Radio sat down with the CEO of Double Sword Records and Artist JayMay. We chopped it up about his music and ministry and the benefits of him taking some time of to refocus. He shared how he came to Christ through relationships in the military. We also got to get some of his newest music on the show and he wants to share it with you as well for FREE. Simply go to his website and put in the download code YadahDaKing. We also chopped it up about our past weekend with the event and title of our show Linked Up. Who Should we be linked up with and why? AND When do we need to separate ourselves from others?
For more information on JayMay Visit
Erica Diamonds-Secrets
His Work-Back To Tape
JayMay-I Am
JayMay-Praise God
Justin Tate aka Eighty8-Time For Change
JayMay ft Dmaub & Snapp-P.U.S.H.
Easop-You've Been Waiting For
Gifted-Get Some
Json ft PRo-Crank It Up
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