Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steady Growth ft Ric Flo

Yadah Da King Radio got it in with Ric Flo originally from Baltimore now residing in Atlanta. This interview, Ric Flo went deep into his Testimony and how he got starting in the rap game. He also shared how he knew that he was suppose to be rapping for the Lord. His powerful testimony after growing up where police raids were a common thing to know being lead by the Spirit of GOD. We also talked about Steady Growth in Christ, and how do we know when we are growing or not. Yadah Da King radio is continuing to turn up the heat with fresh music and great interviews

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Lesun ft Chozen & Kdrama-Clean Heart

Level 3:16-Tell Em

Ric Flo ft T Haddy-Hustle Hard

Dmaub ft K.A.S.-Creature

Ric Flo-Dey Like Me

Dae Lee- Meditate

Ric Flo-Talking Bout Nothing

HeeSun Lee ft Shanelle Gabriel-Open Your Eyes

Jin Angels

KamBINO-Hodge Podge

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