Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Married To Christ ft Gifted Da Flamethrowa

We had to get it in with the homie from New Orleans Baby by the name Gifted Da Flamethrowa. We always got to ask about their story on how God changed his life and all. We also spoke about him being effected by Hurricane Katrina and about his music career. We also had a conversation about what it means to be married to Christ and you have to hear how he describes it like on Gifted can. Miss Cole and Don Christi'on gave their input on what it meant to be Married To Christ. Check it out and for more information on Gifted Da Flamethrowa visit his site http://www.praiseimmortal.org/
J Prophet-L.A.M.B.
George Lott ft T juan-Don't Mean A Thing
Gifted Da Flamethrowa-Prisoners
Christon Gray-Even With Evil With Me
Gifted Da Flamethrowa-Get Some
Chris Searcy ft Tre Harris- Take Me Away
Gifted Da Flamethrowa-The Way
Willie Will ft Jazz Digg-Turn It Around Remix
Rick D-Rumble
Level 3:16
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