Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Path ft C-Straight

*Enhanced Version*
We sat down and spoke with our brother C-Straight as he shared his story about his life and his who focus in his music and ministry. He also spoke about a verse he wrote for the homie Brinson's song Don't Rap No More and whether it will come out or not. The topic at hand was The Path. What is the Path? How can we stay on it? and Will some stray away from The Path? You don't want to miss this interview and we want you to let someone know about the good info we are sharing here at
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Cj Emulous-Kamakaze
Dmaub ft KamBINO & Knine-Got Bread
C-Straight-Ur The Star
C-Straight-Rush In
Dre Sr ft Pastor AD3-Inauguration
C-Straight-So Not Cool
Brinson ft Mouthpi3ce & Knine-Don't Rap No More Remix
JayMay-I Am
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