Friday, March 18, 2011

*MP3* Spiritual Warfare ft Samantha Cardwell

*MP3 Version*
Yadah Da King Radio sat down with Samantha Cardwell from Atlanta both a spirit filled neo-gospel singer as well as a Lawyer. We asked her about her testimony and she shared how like many who grew up in the church when she was young she gave her life to Christ. But what made her continue in her walk with Christ at the age of 26? We asked about her doing music and her being a lawyer and which one she loved to do the most. We also spoke about Spiritual Warfare! Is this something that is Real? If so how do we combat in the spiritual? And More on Yadah Da King Radio
For more information on Samantha Cardwell visit her website
David Michael-Get Him Up High
Swaggy Bohz ft Iam Radio-Overflowin'
Samantha Cardwell-Celebrate
Only 1 Way-Ready 4 Whateva
Samantha Cardwell-The Way You Love Me
Mouthpi3ce-He Lying
Samantha Cardwell-Cleaning Out
Bink ft Taleah Hollingsworth-Champion Remix
CJ Emulous-Kamakaze
Erica Danea-I rep it
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